NEST is a five-week workshop for young artists. Via this curated workshop series, PRESENT builds community through the development of an open, participatory, site-specific installation.

Education designer Bryan Welch, founder of Guilds, has partnered with PRESENT to create a workshop series that will engage young artists ages 10 – 14 with our artists-in-residence and a community of local education partners. Our young artists of NEST will construct a playful, evolving installation of their own out of bamboo and other natural and found materials, inspired by the ways in which birds build their nests.

Each week students will weave in what they’ve gathered from their connections with the PRESENT artists-in-residence, building a structure within which to play with sculptural elements, hang prints they make, experiment with light, or conduct performances.


Guilds is a learning center design group led by Bryan Welch, in conversation with collaborators in Haiti, NYC, and leaning centers across the country. Bryan is a lifelong educator dedicated to creating learning environments that honor the creativity and independence of children. His work explores how spaces for children can exist between formal and informal learning, institution and community, school and life.

Bryan uses photography to create a qualitative record of the inquiry of children.