Bryan Welch, Education Designer

Bryan Welch is a lifelong educator dedicated to creating learning environments that honor the creativity and independence of children. His work explores how spaces for children can exist in between formal and informal learning, institution and community, school and life. He believes that we wouldn’t need schools if we had the communities we deserve.

Bryan uses photography to create a qualitative record of the inquiry of children.kite

Bryan never liked school very much and left at 16 to study martial arts. He holds an interdisciplinary BA in Education and Journalism from UC Berkeley, and has taught and developed curriculum for alternative educational programs in the US and Japan since 1997. He is the co-founder of A Curious Summer and Brightworks in San Francisco CA, and Kite’s Nest in Hudson, NY.

Bryan Welch is the director of Guilds, a learning center design group that works with communities in NYC, as well as across the US and internationally, to create resilient, inquiry-based places of learning. He is currently the educator in residence at the Lower Eastside Girls Club in NYC.

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